In order to preserve the Clark Library and enhance the quality of its unique collections and public programs, the Center and Clark depend on substantial support beyond what the state of California can provide. Private contributions play a key role in enabling us to expand the Clark's holdings, attract and support innovative interdisciplinary research, continue offering affordable academic and music programs, and sustain the elegant Library facility and grounds. We currently need support in the following areas:

  • Book Acquisitions
  • Chamber Music Series at the Clark Library
  • Restoration Projects at the Clark Library
  • Bruman Summer Music Festival, held on the UCLA campus
  • General Donations

All donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated. Donations can be mailed to the Center's address, or can be made online by credit (or debit) card at If you have any questions about making a donation, please contact Kathy Sanchez at the Center (310-206-8552) or

Director's Advisory Council

The Director's Advisory Council, a support group that assists the director in program and collections development, is a key element in the work of the Center and the Clark. Since its founding in 1989, the membership of the Council has grown significantly, and its involvement in our mission has expanded and become more varied. The Council has been instrumental in the augmentation of funds available for educational and academic programs, book acquisitions, and musical events. All Council members contribute to our special programs through their annual individual dues of one thousand dollars, and many have donated additional funding for larger projects.

Council members are invited to all events sponsored by the Center and the Clark, as well as to gatherings and programs designed to honor them for their contribution to the Center's and the Library's welfare and international reputation.

The Director's Advisory Council welcomes inquiries from potential members. Those interested are invited to contact Kathy Sanchez at the Center (310-206-8552) or

The current members of the Council are

  • Catherine Glynn Benkaim (Chair) and Barbara Timmer
  • Paul Chrzanowski
  • Judith M. Davidson
  • Mari and Ed Edelman
  • Donald Eversoll
  • Susan Harris
  • Eliane and David Hary
  • Elizabeth Herman
  • Kate and Gordon Hollis
  • Penny and Ed Kanner
  • Stephen A. Kanter
  • Kenneth Karmiole
  • Rosalyn Klein
  • Carol Krause
  • Myron Laskin
  • Susan and Martin Mach
  • Janet and Henry Minami
  • Herbert Morris
  • Jeffery L. and Bette I. Nagin
  • Joyce Perry
  • Jeanne Robson
  • Barbara Roisman-Cooper and Martin M. Cooper
  • Frances and Loren Rothschild
  • Monica Salinas
  • Carol Sandberg
  • Jackie and Charles Schwartz
  • Patricia and Mary Simun
  • Kathleen and Michael R. Thompson
  • Norman J. W. Thrower
  • Deborah and Lee Walcott
  • Patricia and Richard Waldron
  • Bernice M. Wenzel and Wendell E. Jeffrey
  • Roberta and Robert Young
  • William Zachs